Saturday, July 29, 2017

- #UN Struggles To Deliver Humanitarian Aid In #Syria

Agencies (IRW) – The Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Ursula Mueller in the #UN told the security council that UN has delivered aid to only a few hard-to-reach areas in Syria and not a single besieged location this month.

Mueller said in a video briefing from #Amman, #Jordan, that there have been no UN aid convoys to besieged areas in July and just one a week to hard-to-reach areas, meaning just over 120,000 people got help this month.

Mueller blamed the #Assad "government", armed groups, insecurity and fighting.

Other #UN partners delivered aid to some hard-to-reach areas, where an estimated four million people live. The UN says 540,000 people in 11 locations are still under siege, mostly by Assad's forces.

Mueller said the UN continues to see a reduction in violence in some areas since #Russia and Iran, both supporters of #Assad, and #Turkey, which backs rebels fighting #Assad forces, agreed on a plan in May to establish four "de-escalation" zones in #Syria.

But "despite reductions in violence, we have not been able to noticeably increase our reach," she said.

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