Tuesday, May 8, 2018

- Agreement Of Displacing People Of Northern Homs And Southern Hama Went Into Effect

- On Early Monday, the agreement of displacing the civilians from the northern countryside of Homs and southern Hama, where the busses headed to the area to accomplish the agreement between negotiations committee and Russian side.

It is supposed to evacuate the first batch from Rastan city towards northern Syria, especially towards Jarablus and its outskirts from the city's bridge, the convoy includes 100 busses and 1,200 families including fighters and civilians.

The rest of convoys will continue to evacuate towards Idlib and Jarablus at the end of the week from Talbisa and Rastan on Tuesday towards Idleb city and from Talbisa city towards Jarablus on Wednesday.

Qasioun correspondent said that civilians will be allowed to take their goods and furniture, while the fighters will be allowed to evacuate with 3 ammunition storages.

Moreover, the people who didn't register their name will be allowed to evacuate in case there will be empty places, the process of inspecting the civilians will be in the presence of a member from the opposition forces, one from the regime forces, and another from the Russian forces.

Media activist quoted from a military source in the negotiations committee that "Defectors, who wills to stay, will be expelled from the military service".

He added that "University students will be able to continue their educational process after the stabilization, asserting that their situation will return as same as 7 years ago".

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