Wednesday, May 2, 2018

- Kafraya, Fua And Yarmouk Camp Agreement Began Between Syrian Regime And HTS

The agreement to evacuate Kafraya and Fua towns in the northern countryside of Idlib, in opposite to evacuating Yarmouk camp from Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham HTS southern Damascus, has begun as the vehicles followed to the Red Crescent began to move several critical injured cases from Kafraya and Fua towns to Al-Eis crossing southern Aleppo, according to Syrian regime SANA news agency.

The agency said that it predicted that “40 kidnaped people from Ishtabraq town will arrive to Al-Eis crossing southern Aleppo, as an implementation for the first stage of the agreement”.

On Monday, 5 buses carrying 200 HTS fighters with their families evacuated Yarmouk camp neighborhood towards northern Syria, while HTS denied that all besieged people in Kafraya and Fua towns were evacuated, asserting that only 1,000 were evacuated till now.

HTS could reach an agreement with the Syrian regime to evacuate both areas, following a wide military operation launched by the Syrian regime forces and backed up by the Russian air forces that targeted the southern Damascus’s neighborhoods.

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