Saturday, April 21, 2018

- After The Military Operations … Humanitarian Crisis Occurs Southern Damascus

- The neighborhoods of southern Damascus (Yarmouk camp, Hajar Aswad, Tadamon and Asaly) witnessing in the few days ago a humanitarian crisis, especially after the #Assad regime bombardment intensified on the area.

Local sources told Qasioun News Agency asserted that #Assad regime forces aims to promote that the area is empty of civilians, but the "Martyrs dead bodies still in the streets and we can't bury it due to the intense of the shelling".

The sources indicated that most of the civilians "Sheltering underground, among a panic situation between the children, especially as the food and medicines are not existing".

However, the #Assad regime warplanes carried out airstrikes over several areas in the neighborhoods, after Palestine hospital run by the Syrian red crescent was demolished and went out of service".

Noteworthy that #Assad regime forces, backed up by Russia, carrying out a wide military operations over several towns and neighborhoods southern Damascus, despite of the agreement that states to displace the whole area towards northern Syria.

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