Monday, April 30, 2018

- Iranian Agency Reveals The Number Of Iranian Deaths In The Missiles Attack

 ISNA Iranian news agency revealed on early Monday that 18 Iranian fighters were killed in the unknown strikes that hit the brigade 47 in Hama countryside.

International media sources quoted from local sources that the missiles targeted Iranian militias center near Al-Bared river area 60km. northwestern Hama province, other sources said that death-toll exceeded the 30, without any official statements till now.

The #assad regime Tishrin journal revealed on early Monday that the source of missiles that hit Hama and Aleppo countryside northern Syria.

The journal posted on Facebook and quoted from a field source that “Attack on Aleppo and Hama countryside was carried out using 9 Ballistic missiles launched form the U.S. and British bases northern Jordan”.

Local sources told Qasioun News Agency that violent explosions hit The Scientific Research Mountain (Brigade 47) followed to the Syrian regime forces in the southern countryside of Hama, the mountain is considered a prominent base for the Iranian revolutionary guards corps IRGC and Syrian regime forces.

Meanwhile, no reports were received about bombarding Syrian regime forces in Aleppo countryside, it is predicted the shelling targeted Azan strategic mountain held by Iranian militias which was hit previously by the Israeli warplanes.

The mountain known as Ma’arin Mountain is located 10km. from Hama city center and expands till southern and eastern Hama, it is considered as an Iranian base that includes Shiite militias from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon and Iraq.

#Assad regime media sources said that the shelling led to kill more than 35 and injured 50 others from those militias due to the explosions that occurred after the shelling and the huge fire blazes.

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