Monday, April 23, 2018

- Second Displaced Convoy From Qalamon Arrives To Idlib

- The Second displaced convoy coming from Eastern Qalamon area arrived today morning to the northern countryside of Idlib, passing through Qalaat Al-Madiq area western Hama.

The convoy includes 31 busses and around 300 family consists of 1,204 people from (Ruhaiba, Jirod and Nasrya) villages, accompanied by 2 ambulances, without any existence for critical cases or injuries.

The convoy will stay in the temporarily sheltering center "Sae'd" in the northern countryside of Idlib, while the emergency teams prepared around 4 other centers (Idlib sheltering center, Sham center, Miznaz camp and the northern border".

However, the First displaced convoy from the same towns arrived to the northern countryside of Aleppo and Euphrates Shield area on Sunday, passing through Abu Zandin crossing border in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

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