Friday, July 6, 2018

- Daraa : Russian Media Announce Capturing Naseeb Crossing Border

- Daraa 06/07/2018 :: Russian media sources asserted on Friday that troops from the #Assad regime forces and Russian military police reached Naseeb crossing border with Jordan after approving an agreement between Syrian opposition and Russian forces delegation southern Syria.

RT Channel said that a huge military convoy consisting of hundreds of military troops heading towards Naseeb crossing, asserting that #Assad regime and Russian flags were risen over the vehicles.

SANA news agency said on Friday that "The Flag of Arab republic of Syria raised on Naseeb crossing border with Jordan in the southern countryside of Daraa".

The reports came following an agreement between the Syrian opposition and Russia that states to surrender the Syrian opposition's heavy weapon, in opposite to withdrawing the #Assad regime forces from 4 villages and towns eastern Daraa, and allowing some of the opposition fighters to evacuate the area and head towards Idlib province with their families.

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